Located in the heart of Las Vegas

2000 square feet

Full-service recording studio

Boutique Style



Located just minutes from the Las Vegas strip and 5 miles from McCarren Airport, FGC Studios has two recording studios equipped with state of the art gear and microphones. With 2000 square feet of space dedicated to the recording process, our studio offers a relaxed, soothing & creative vibe, even during larger tracking sessions. We deliver professional results, on time – 100% of the time.


We brought the New York vibe to Las Vegas by showcasing a boutique style environment, offering a more intimate space for people like songwriters, editors or independent/local artists to meet, chill, and create. Our studio is exclusive to up and coming independent artists by invitation only.


FGC Studios recording engineer has developed his craft, working with some of the most successful record producers and artists in the world. Our unique recording studios have been responsible for some of the most talented up and comers of the rap and pop scene.  


We are a full-service recording studio and are happy to provide anything you need for a positive, comfortable, and productive session. Our engineer is there to guide you through the entire session, ensuring you get the highest quality & best results.

Room A – Equipment List



FGC Studios A Room is our spacious tracking room, purpose-built for tracking and mixing. The space features a multi-color lighting system so you can set your mood to begin your creative process, a control room, one vocal booth, and a comfortable lounge.




  • Portico II
  • Master Buss Processor Stereo
  • Massive Passive Stereo Equalizer by Manley


Power Supply


  • 2 Monster Conditioners


Recording Studio


  • Avalon Vacuum Tube
  • Bae EQ
  • Tube Tech Compressor CL 1B
  • Avid S3
  • Pro Tools Docking Station
  • Argosy G Series Desk
  • Adam’s A77X Speakers
  • MPC Live Beat Maker by Akai
  • 2 Apollo 8’s
  • Dangerous Monitor ST
  • Dangerous Remote




  • Neumann TLM 103
  • Neumann U 87AI

Room B – Equipment List



FGC Studios B room is our smaller, more intimate recording studio. This room comfortably features a small lounge area, and a cozy vocal booth fit for one.


Recording Studio


  • Yamaha HS8’s Speakers
  • Avid 11 Rack Pro Tools Interface
  • Universal Audio 6176
  • Avatone Speaker
  • Big Knob Audio Interface
  • Slate Raven Dual Touchscreen
  • 2 U87 microphones
  • SSL Fusion
  • Apollo X6
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