Artist Sophie Birch, better known as Little Dipper, is an artist based in Texas. Dipper grew up in Sussex, New Jersey with her mother and extended family which were of greek decent. As a child she was taught the language and the culture, which helped her when it came to her passion and love for astronomy. She had a deep fascination with the stars and the galaxy. It amazed her to think of how vast the world was compared to the life she knew.


After a few years she transitioned her focus from astronomy to her love of dancing and anything that correlated to music. In the second semester of seventh grade she began freestyling at lunch with all of her friends as a joke and to make everyone laugh. She soon realized that she had a natural born talent for it and wanted to take it further. She took a creative writing class and began composing a lot of poetry which she used as her own personal therapy and allowed her to get her emotions out. In eighth grade she began to take music more seriously and, by honing her skills as a writer & poet, began writing original songs and putting them to music – but she was never able to publish them.


After her father, Moka Blast, opened FCG Studios in Las Vegas she realized she had been given an amazing opportunity to finally publish her music and get her message out to the world. Her first song “Contaminated” came out and caused a buzz among everyone she knew and gained her a small fan base. She enjoyed sharing her emotions, free of judgement, finding that people could relate to her message and actually shared similar experiences and emotions. It made her feel good to get things off of her chest, even if it was delivered with a slightly mysterious approach – Little Dipper likes to make people think, challenging them to put the pieces together to figure it out.


When it came to choosing her stage name, she instantly drew from her love of astronomy once again and instantly, the constellations came to mind. After hours and days of consideration, she chose the name Little Dipper. This constellation on a star map is the central point and, although it is surrounded by the others, all eyes are drawn to the Little Dipper.


Finding her love of music has definitely improved her mental health and self esteem, allowing her to get rid of negative emotions. She is consistently honored for her very personal and thought provoking music. being complimented almost everywhere she turns. She understands hate may come her way, but as she always says “I don’t live my life for anyone but myself.”


Her music is far from mainstream when it comes to the way she puts her words together.