Singer, songwriter, musician. A native of sunny Southern California, Kayla grew up in a household with her mother, grandmother & great grandmother. Mom & grandma both being singers themselves, love of music & performing came naturally for Kayla – singing whenever and wherever, including community theater productions all over Orange County.


At 13 years old, she and her mother moved to Las Vegas where she continued her love of singing, dancing and performing by joining school choirs & also a local KPOP dance crew. Turning to music as her way to deal with the everyday struggles and successes life can bring, Kayla began to write her own songs hoping to one day share them with the world.


Through a friend of a friend, Kayla was introduced to Moka Blast – CEO at FGC Studios (Forever Getting Cash) located in Las Vegas. With Moka being an artist himself, they began to vibe and make music together.


Fast forward to September 2018, Kayla hits the world with her first single “Scream & Shout”, and be on the lookout for her upcoming release of her next single’s “Feel Better” & “16 With a Bullet” which will be release later this year, along with her first album “A Little Dead”.