Hailing from Queens New York by way of Brooklyn New York Ace1der Da Don has been one of the most prominent MC’s/Lyricist since he emerged on the scene. Having collaborated with Murda Mook, T-Shyne, Moka Blast, Beanie Man, Elephant Man and many others he has constantly proven he can swim amongst some of the industries sharks and not miss a beat.  He has won VH1 save the music song writing competition multiple times, as well as being placed in the Times Ledger for his heartfelt song “Tears On A Pillow.” Ace1der shows the world that real lyrics are still important, making him a rare exception to the standard rule of popular conformity.


Ace1der’s first video one Worldstarhiphop did over 100k in only a weeks time showing that out of all the Kendrick Lamar diss tracks that were released at this time, his was second to NONE. He is often compared to the late great Big L, with his style, flow, charisma and the fact that they actually look like they may have been related!


He recently gained accolades by dropping his freestyle video for the song “What’s Free” – a track so powerful that he was instantly prompted to appear on the Lord Sear Show on SiriusXM to again display his freestyle abilities to an audience of over 7 million listeners!


Ace1der received several offers to be signed, but opted to stay in tune with his core group/independent label created by one of his best friends, Moka Blast – CEO of FGC (Forever Getting Cash) Entertainment –  which has been the greatest decision of his career. Now with FGC, expect Ace1der to be  in several upcoming world tours as well as magazine covers and featured with some of the true elites in the industry.


FGC has propelled itself as one of the unstoppable forces in the industry as we currently know it.
And with Ace1der’s writing ability, versatile flows, unmatched style and witt, not to mention being widely known as FGC’s Lieutenant, he is quickly joining the ranks of unstoppable as well!